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Courses for 
public servants

Mastering the Craft of Advising Government Program
For teams 


Course tickets FOR INDIVIDUAL public servants




For public service teams who write and/or approve written advice - suitable for all levels from primary authors through to managers, directors and executives 

Course for teams (in person or livestream)

  • 11 hour course for up to 16 people (in person) or 12 people (livestream) 

  • Realistic, hands-on exercises to put people in the shoes of busy decision makers reading written advice and receiving fast-paced verbal advice

  • Opportunities to reflect and discuss strengths and areas for improvement (in general terms) of the work samples provided by the group (Note: we will sign a confidentiality agreement with clients before reviewing work samples).

  • Facilitated discussion with a departmental senior executive to provide insights into decision makers' briefing preferences in the portfolio

  • Feedback to each participant about their work sample

  • Multiple activities to apply our methods and improve poorly written fictional briefs that are typical of different types of advice provided in public service briefing notes

  • Introduction of a developmental framework for advice which provides a shared language for team reflection and improvement

  • Discussion of who does what in the chain of advice - the roles and expectations of primary authors and those guiding/approving written advice

  • Practical resources, including top tips for writing excellent briefs and tips for supervisors reviewing briefs





Public servants who write briefs and/or guide and approve them (Officer level to Managers)

Intensive one-day (livestream)

8 hour course for up to 12 people to:

  • put people in the shoes of busy decision makers to confirm what is needed to deliver clear, compelling advice

  • explore what good advice is (and isn’t)

  • discuss the role and value add of each level in the advice chain

  • analyse what makes written and verbal briefings good and not so good

  • practise crafting succinct briefs that meet the needs of decision makers

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