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Since 2017 the following Queensland Government departments and agencies, and interstate departments have completed a range of our 'Craft of Advising Government' courses: 

  • Department of the Premier and Cabinet *

  • Queensland Treasury (various divisions)

  • Department of Health (various divisions)

  • Health and Wellbeing Queensland

  • Department of Education

  • Department of Housing, Local Government, Planning and Public Works

  • Department of Energy and Climate

  • Department of Youth Justice 

  • Department of Treaty, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Partnerships, Communities and the Arts

  • Department of Justice and Attorney-General

  • Queensland Police Service

  • Public Safety Business Agency


* Including the Policy Futures Graduate Program 2018 - 2021

Other Jurisdictions

  • Department of Tourism and Sport

  • Department of Employment, Small Business and Training

  • Department of Child Safety, Seniors and Disability Services 

  • Queensland Corrective Services

  • Queensland Pubic Service Commission

  • Department of State Development and Infrastructure

  • Department of Agriculture and Fisheries

  • Australian Government, NSW Government and Victorian

      Government departments

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