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Courses for 

who's who in the government zoo (and what do they do?)




Members of the community services sector who haven't worked in government (including board members, CEOs, program leads etc.)

Course for community services

8 hour course for up to 12 people (livestream) or 16 people (in person) to:

  • demystify government decision-making, helping participants understand the people, positions, institutions and processes through which public policy decisions are made, including timeframes

  • put people in the shoes of busy decision-makers receiving large volumes of written advice and submissions

  • provide a keener appreciation of what decision-makers are looking for in advice and proposals

  • refine your organisation's story about what it offers, the public benefit and the alignment with government priorities

  • take home a collection of proven methods and resources to use day to day

Plus, another opportunity to network and plan with like-minded colleagues.

live stream OR IN PERSON

tailored to clients' requirements


clear, compelling advice

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